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Dear Neighbor,

Every October, the Berwyn Police Department coordinates a citywide "Prevention Through Education" presentation, that focuses on a topic of concern to the parents and guardians of our community's youth. Topics in previous years have included how to recognize if your child is using/abusing drugs, ensuring that your child stays safe online, and how to identify signs that a child is being sexually abused or possibly a victim of sex trafficking. It is understood that the subject matter of these presentations aren't things that we as parents like to think about, but they are things that too many children are victimized by. It is our duty to be informed so that we might prevent any more innocent lives from being so negatively affected.

On October 10th, from 7-9PM in the Auditorium of Morton West High School (2400 S. Home), I would like to invite every member of our community that is responsible for the care of a child to join us for the next difficult, but needed conversation - the topic of school shootings. The guest speaker for the evening will be Lt. Co. Dave Grossman (ret), who has specialized in the study of the psychology of killing. He has published several books on the subject, including how young people can become hardened to the task of murder and commit acts of unspeakable violence. Lt. Col. Grossman will explain how certain types of violent media consumed by today's youth might possibly desensitize them towards acting violently themselves. Most importantly, we will talk about what we, as the responsible adults, can and should do to positively be involved in our children's lives, and how to prevent our children from walking down such a potentially heinous path.



Mayor Robert J. Lovero