Traffic Services


Vehicle Sticker Changes FAQ

The traffic engineer manages and studies traffic operations in the City and investigates requests for changes in parking or traffic from City Council, City Staff or residents.  Items managed by the traffic engineer are, but not limited to, the regulation of street signage, pavement markings and other traffic control devices.  The traffic engineer conducts various traffic studies concerning:
  • Pedestrian Safety
  • Traffic Counts
  • Crash Diagrams
  • Sight Distance Studies
  • Delay and Speed Studies
  • Parking Analysis
  • Intersection Design Analysis
  • Intersection and Roadway capacity Analysis



School Walking Routes

Note to parents:

This map is provided to help you and your child determine the best way to and from school. We suggest you review the map and travel the route with your child, answering any questions and noting walkways, traffic controls, crossing guards, etc. For questions regarding the school pedestrian walk route or right-of-way controls, please contact the city traffic engineer.

Berwyn School District 98


Berwyn School District 100



VENTRA Information
Pace and CTA have launched an aggressive public information campaign to educate the public about Ventra, an efficient and streamlined way to use public transportation. While more than 3-million trips have already been taken using Ventra, Pace wants to make sure that all of its customers are aware of the new fare system and fare policy changes that will occur by December 15, 2013. For more information visit the Pace website.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
BERWYN (October, 2011) – The City of Berwyn with the assistance of a fully funded grant, has completed the installation of three Level 2 charging stations within the City. The City wishes to encourage greater use of green transportation alternatives by providing publicly accessible charging stations for residents, regardless of whether or not they have access to charging in a personal garage, and to those visiting or working in the City.

Two Level 2 charging stations are located in the City’s Municipal Parking Structure at 3320 Grove Avenue and one level 2 charging station is located at 7003 West Ogden Avenue, outside the Route 66 Museum. The Level 2 charging station provides a full charge in 2 – 6 hours, is self-service and easy to operate. A Level 3 charging station is also located within the Municipal Parking Structure and is able to charge a vehicle within 20 minutes.

Bewyn's Municipal Parking Facility

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Locations


Active Transportation Plan

The City of Berwyn Active Transportation Plan includes improvements to the infrastructure, recommendations to City policies and program recommendations regarding enforcement and education. Overall the plan will be used as a guide when planning transportation improvements and ensuring that all modes of transportation are addressed.

Bewyn Active Transportation Plan

In-roadway warning lights are first on state route in Illinois

Berwyn, IL (February 2012) With construction substantially complete, a unified and more pedestrian-friendly Roosevelt Road welcomes back residents, visitors and commuters with the installation of traffic calming hardware. As part of the award-winning, comprehensive streetscape improvement undertaken by the City of Berwyn, Village of Oak Park and Town of Cicero, three lighted crosswalks have been installed along Roosevelt Road at the intersections of Home Avenue, Gunderson Avenue and Lombard Avenue.

The in-roadway warning lights are the first crosswalks of this type to be installed on an Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) roadway. The marked crosswalks have protective lights installed directly into the roadway that flash when activated by pedestrian push-buttons. Illinois State Law requires motorists to stop for pedestrians at marked crosswalks. The LED lights increase the visibility of the crosswalk and provide an early warning to motorists to brake to a full stop for crossing pedestrians. These energy efficient lights are solar-powered.

Roosevelt Road Lighted Crosswalks

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