Helpful Seasonal Services

Fall/ Winter Helpful Seasonal Services

The City of Berwyn offers many helpful seasonal services throughout the year. Below is information you may find useful during the Fall and Winter months.
During the fall months, it is important to collect/ rake leaves correctly. Please follow the correct procedure for raking and gathering leaves. Yard waste debri can be bagged and then picked up until the end of the year (week of December 31). For further information, please call toll- free Waste Management at 1-800-796-9696 or visit the Waste Management website.

*** Do not rake and/ or blow your leaves into the street. It is a violation of Berwyn City Ordinance 672.04 to rake or blow leaves into the street. A Local Ordinance Ticket will be issed to those who rake or blow leaves and yard debri into the street. The fine for the ticket can carry up to a $750.00 fine. For information on City Ordinances, including depositing of leaves and yard debri, please visit the American Legal website.

During the snow season, as a courtesy to your neighbors and for public safety, please maintain all surrounding walkways clear of snow. It is important to follow the correct procedure when shoveling snow from your walkways/ sidewalks. Snow should not be shoveled into the street, alley, fire hydrant, or any other City property. For more information on the snow removal ordinance 672.03, please visit the American Legal website.

Snow removal is also available for qualifying Senior and Disabled Citizens. For more information and to apply for the Senior Services Program, you may contact Senior Serivices at 708-484-2510 or visit the deparment’s page at Senior Services on the City of Berwyn website.