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One of the goals of the City of Berwyn’s Emergency Telephone System Board is to educate the public about 9-1-1 services in the City of Berwyn as well as the many important programs and initiatives the Board undertakes.

We urge you to look around our webpage where you will find resources for Berwyn 9-1-1 being posted on a monthly basis. These resources are designed to answer some of the common questions related to how 9-1-1 works and is answered.

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"9-1-1, Where is Your Emergency?”

Your location is the first thing Emergency Telecommunicator’s need to know in order to quickly get help to you in the event of an emergency.

If you're using a cell or VoIP phone instead of a landline to call 9-1-1 for help, being able to give your location or address quickly and accurately is ideal. However, if you can't give your location or address because of a medical condition or some other reason, Telecommunicator’s have to rely exclusively on technology to locate you which poses a greater challenge if you're using a cell or VoIP phone.

In this latest News and Events piece you will learn more about wireless 9-1-1 information and technology, but more importantly what you can do to help us get help to you as quickly as possible in an emergency.