Park Districts

1619 S. Wesley Avenue
Berwyn, IL 60402

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Community Center / Pyrce Park
16th Street & Wesley
Facilities include a wading pool, 2 modular play units with padded rubber ground surfaces, 2 swing sets, a pergola structure, green space and gardens.

Berwyn Gardens
Berwyn Gardens is located between Grove & Maple, just north of Cermak Road. The park is a 5 block long, narrow space, facilities include 2 inline skating rinks, game tables, a gazebo and performance space, 2 modular play sets, a sand volleyball court, green space, gardens and benches.

Jefferson Field
16th Street & Wenonah
Facilities include mainly an artificial surface game field; the park is used for t-ball, soccer, flag football, and various activities.

Kriz Park
15th and Maple
Facilities include 2 modular play sets, a large inline skate and scateboard field with ramps and rails, green space and a benched sitting area.

Prairie Oak Gymnasium
15th and Oak Park Facilities include Althletic programs, SOS after school program, soccer, volleyball, basketball and special events.

Unity Park
1227 Kenilworth
Facilities include a playground and picnic area.

3701 S. Scoville Avenue
Berwyn, IL 60402

Freedom Park
3701 Scoville Avenue
Berwyn, IL 60402
Administrative Office, lighted Field Turf soccer field, pres-school classroom, picnic area, wading pool, playground area.

Friendship Park
Corner of 25th & Kenilworth Avenue
Facilities include playground on the grounds of Piper School.

Hessler Park
34th & Kenilworth Avenue
Facilities include a playground and picnic area.

Karasek Park
Windsor and Kenilworth A passive park designed to compliment the Historic Depot District with tables, benches, flowers and trees.

Karban Park
Bordered by Gunderson, East and Ogden Avenue Alleys
Berwyn first public recreation dog park.

Liberty Cultural Center
6445 W. 27th Place
Berwyn, IL 60402
Gymnasium, working stage, meeting/activity rooms, also available for private rentals and community events.

Mraz Park
Bordered by Oak Park Ave., Riverside Dr., 23rd St. and Grove Ave.
This is a Passive Park in the center of town with a Veterans Memorial Flag Pole and a decorative fountain.

Proksa Park
3001 S. Wisconsin Avenue
Facilities include Activity Center, 3 lighted tennis courts, 2 lighted baseball diamonds, playground area, 2 picnic groves, a butterfly garden, 2 ponds and a creek.

Serenity Park
Wesley and 26th Street
Facilities include garden plots and sitting area.

Smirz Park
34th & Highland Avenue
Facilities include playground and picnic area.

Sunshine Park
29th & Oak Park Avenue
Facilities include Park District maintenance building, sand volleyball court, bocce ball courts, playground center, picnic area, and a gazebo.

Unity Park
25th & Cuyler Avenue
Facilities include Playground on the grounds of Komensky School.