Local Government


Duties and Responsibilities: The City of Berwyn operates under a Strong Mayor form of government, according to Illinois Municipal Code 65 ILCS 5/. This form of government has an elected mayor, clerk, and treasurer and, depending upon the size of the community, from eight to twenty aldermen elected from wards. Berwyn has eight elected Aldermen. The terms of elected officials are four years. The functions of an ordinary mayor are generally merged with the powers accorded a municipal manager. The mayor is given the power, without council approval, to appoint and remove his administrative assistants, budget and finance director, heads of all departments, and all other officers of the municipality, and members of commissions, boards, and agencies, except those covered by civil service. The powers of the council are purely legislative.

Election and Terms of Office: The City Council is composed of eight Council members and a Mayor. They are elected by city voters and are directly responsible to the people.

The term of office for a Councilmember is four years. If a Councilmember does not finish his/her term, the Council can either appoint a registered qualified voter to fill the vacancy until the next general municipal election or call a special election. If a special election is called, the person selected will serve the remainder of the unexpired term.