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Should you need assistance which cannot be accessed through this website, please contact the pertaining City department directly.

This page will answer some common questions presented to the various City departments on a regular basis.

Flood Information
Find flood information such as the Residential Flood Mitigation Shared Cost Pilot Program and report residential sewer issues.


Helpful Seasonal Services
The City of Berwyn offers many helpful seasonal services throughout the year. Such as the applications for Garage Sales and Block Parties, information on who to contact to trim trees and cooling centers.

How Do I

Register to Vote
The City Clerk's office monitors all elections, encourages voter registration, and assists with voter change of address.

Report Blight
Report a property with a blight violation.

Report Crime
The Berwyn Police Department depends on the eyes and ears of the residents we serve to identify potential crime hotspots. We appreciate your continued effort towards safety in our neighborhood. Please use this form to complete an online crime report. Your report will be directed in real-time via email to the proper division within the Police Department.

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If you didn’t find an answer to your question or need further assistance, please fill out our information request form. The pertaining personnel will respond promptly.