Commissions, Boards and Committees

Commissions, Boards and Committees play various important roles in City Administration. Several are mandated by state statute and can exercise their powers without specific authorization from the City Aldermen while others are used in an advisory role to help formulate policies and to recommend actions. All members of the Commissions, Boards and Committees are residents of the community acting in a volunteer capacity and are appointed by the City, generally for a fixed term.

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Aldermanic Committees

2021 Standing Aldermanic Committees

Boards and Commisions

9-1-1 Board
Ad-Hoc Air BNB
AD-Hoc Diversity Committee
Diversity Commission Statement
Ad-Hoc Sexual Harassment Policy Committee
Auxiliary Review Board
Berwyn Emergency Management Agency (BEMA)
Berwyn Historic Preservation Commission
Community Relations Commissions
Ethics Commission
Fire Pension Board
Foreign Fire Tax Commission

Police & Fire Commission
Police & Fire Commission Rules and Regulations
2021 Final PD Lateral Entry list
2022 Police Candidate Final List
Police Department Lateral List 6
2020 Fire Candidate Final List

Library Board
Municipal Securitization Corporation (BMSC)
Police Pension Board
Zoning, Planning, and Development Commission (Formally known as: Zoning Board of Appeals)