City Clerk

  City Clerk 
  Margaret M. Paul (Bio)
  6700 W. 26th St. Berwyn, IL 60402
  P: (708) 749-6451



The City Clerk's office is responsible for many duties, whether imposed by statute or those customized to satisfy local needs. They include: keeping the City Seal and all municipal records; preparing, organizing and distributing proceedings of all City Council meetings; publication of legal notices and ordinances; City Archivist; and certain financial duties. The Clerk is also the City's Freedom of Information Officer/OMA (Open Meetings Act) Officer. In Berwyn, the City Clerk is also the Township Clerk and administers all Township matters, as well as fulfilling the position of Secretary to the Public Board of Health.

Additional functions of the City Clerk's office are to monitor all elections, encourage voter registration, and to process voter's change of addresses. You may obtain all details about voting, including absentee ballot applications by calling the City Clerk's office at extension 6451. For more information, please visit the Cook County Clerk's website at In addition, please visit the State board of Elections website at The Clerk's office also accepts requests for block parties, organizational events, solicitations etc. that require the approval of the City Council.

Responsibilities of this office are mandated by the Statutes of the State of Illinois. They include the following:

  • To provide information on City of Berwyn Ordinances.
  • To keep records of City Council proceedings, minutes, and agendas.
  • To assist in the Public Information and Freedom of Information Process.
  • To function as the City Government's Archivist.

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