Building Department Blight Division

The Building Department Blight Division is responsible for the enforcement of the City of Berwyn Codes securing resident health and safety.  It inspects for public nuisance complaints, such as garbage, weeds, high grass, peeling paint, house and garage disrepair, debris, etc.  These public nuisance complaints are followed up with form letters, final notices, violation citations and possible court action.  This department also conducts team inspections of dangerous and unsanitary buildings with the Fire Department and Health Department.


Blight Reminders & other Forms

Residential Blight List

Commercial Blight List

Fall is here Flyer (English/ Español)
Notification Letter of Violating Recycling Initiative

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Building Department Blight Division FAQs

Q1. If I see graffiti on my garage or on a neighbor's, what can I do?

Q2. Who do I need to contact about zoning violations with regards to apartments being illegally occupied?

Q3. When I report a zoning violation or a blight situation, do I need to provide my name, phone number, or address?  

Q4. When can I put my garbage out?  Why must it be placed in the containers?  

Q5. Why are there so many cars parked on my street without city vehicle stickers?