Ald. Scott Lennon Biography

  1st Ward Alderman
  Scott Lennon
  6700 W. 26th St.
  Berwyn, IL 60402
  V: (708) 749-6401


Scott had to leave Purdue University at 19 to care for, and support, his ailing parents – both of whom he lost when they were far too young. That same year, he began working for Kemper Financial Services, working his way up to assistant vice president. There he received the “Consistency of Excellence Award”. His career has since included facilities management for Pitney Bowes (where he was given the “All Star Award”) and is currently in financial management at Pedersen Houpt law firm. A longtime Berwyn resident, Scott is in his third term as vice president of Berwyn Development Corporation’s board of directors. In his first term, he helped create the incredibly effective “Why Berwyn?” marketing campaign, which featured billboards, web presence and outreach events in the city of Chicago – and which has resulted in an influx of high-quality new residents, homeowners and businesses to our city.

In 2009, Scott was given the prestigious Charles E. Piper Award. As the BDC put it, “Scott has been a tireless volunteer and enthusiastic spokesperson for the Berwyn community.” Scott also volunteers at the justly-famous Berwyn Oktoberfest, and is a prominent presence at virtually all public festivals in the city. He is strongly pro-business, and a vocal and very visible promoter of all the good things that make up Berwyn.

Scott has played a key role in promoting and supporting diversity and the LGBTQ community in Berwyn. He and Jousef, his partner of 16 years, have always lived in the 1st Ward.