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The City of Berwyn was recently contacted about the Cook County Department of Planning and Development’s Residential Resilience Program. Cook County secured funding from HUD to provide one-time residential construction grants of up to $25,000 to repair flood damage to homes and minimize the risk future flooding through flood mitigation strategies such as overhead sewers and green infrastructure.

Grants are made to individual homeowners through two non-profit program administrators. Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago (NHS) is administering these grants in suburban Cook County communities south of 39th Street/Pershing Road. North West Housing Partnership (NWHP) is managing the program in suburban Cook County north of 39th Street/Pershing Road.

Grantee requirements include:
• Cook County resident, excluding City of Chicago
• Owner occupied, single family home (1 – 4 units)
• Owned the home prior to April 2013
• Meet household income requirements (Low-Moderate Income for Cook County)
• Can prove home was flooded between April and May 2013 through insurance claims, photographs, etc.

The grant application period closes at the end of April.

For more information please contact:
North West Housing Partnership
847-969-0561 or


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